Who is behind the microphone?

Teresa Rennhofer

Recording from Edmonton, AB, Canada

Grew up in Austria, Europe

My passion for innovative and sustainable technology was awakened while I worked for a  German start-up that produced an electric motor. After this experience I set the focus of my economics graduate studies on the effects of low-emission transportation on the national economy. 

The emissions of conventional gasoline vehicles cause global warming, which leads to wildfires, rising sea levels posing threats to millions of people's homes, farmers loosing their harvest due to extreme weather conditions, environmental catastrophes, increasing need for air conditioning, etc. 

As an economist, I genuinely believe that an electrified transportation system in combination with renewable energy is a necessity to sustain a thriving economy. 

The vibrant development of electric vehicles fascinates me. New inventions turn the market upside down every day, making it hard to keep on track. I started reading through tons of research material, eager to find answers to questions like "How emission-intensive is the battery production". The divergence in the results of academic research made me even more eager to find out the truth. 


One night, when I was on a family holiday in the Austrian mountains, I just grabbed my headphones and recorded an audio file about my latest conclusion. In response to my upload, I got a handful of requests from listeners who are as curious about the subject as I am. Their inquisitiveness and joint e-mobility enthusiasm is my main driver to carry on this platform.

Producing this podcast is not only fun but also an amazing opportunity for me to stay updated and get in touch with like-minded people.

I’ve long been interested in how technology can improve people’s lives, and in the last few years have become really excited by how clean tech -- from EVs to solar power, recycling, carbon sequestration, and more -- can help preserve the environment for us and future generations. 

My interest in electric cars became serious in 2008 when I fell in love with the idea of a classic EV conversion, and ended up purchasing a converted 70’s pickup truck. It ran on 12 lead acid batteries and had only 25 miles of range on a good day. Things have come a long way since then!


I’m excited to be able to follow the technology as it improves, gains economic advantages, and realizes its full potential, and to share what I learn with the internet. :) At the same time, I try to keep an open mind and focus on the long term end goal (a cleaner world) and the best way to get there, and welcome any feedback or differing perspectives!

Theo Michel

Recording from Seattle, WA