Who is behind the microphone?

My passion for innovative and sustainable technology was awakened while I worked at an e-mobility start-up in their early stages of operation. After gathering these exciting practical insights, I felt inspired to adjust the focus of my economics graduate studies.


Besides the ambition to use our planet's resources in the most environmentally friendly way possible, the vibrant development of electric vehicles simply fascinates me. It feels like new inventions turn the market upside down every day, making it hard to keep on track.


At first solely for the sake of my studies, but then also for leisure, I started reading through tons of research material, trying to find answers to basic questions like "how much does a battery cell cost?". The divergence in the published results made me even more eager to find the truth. 


One night, when I was on a family holiday in the mountains, I just grabbed my headphones and recorded an audio file about my latest conclusion. In response to my upload, I got a handful of requests from listeners who are as curious about the subject as I am. Their inquisitiveness and joint e-mobility enthusiasm is my main driver to carry on this platform.

Producing this podcast is not only fun but also an amazing opportunity for me to stay updated and get in touch with like-minded people.

Teresa Rennhofer 

economics graduate student at WU

currently living in Edmonton, Canada